Ever Wonder if You Brush Your Teeth Properly?

"75% of the Population has Gum Disease and Receding Gums. This Can Lead to Other Diseases such as Diabetes, Impotence, Memory Loss, Infertility and More. The Cure Can Be Simple if You're Ready to Hear It."

It's Time You Knew the Truth About Toothbrushing...


Are you uncertain about your breath?

Do you use mouthwash, gum or mints but find the “freshness” is fleeting?

Are you avoided when networking or have been passed over for that promotion—and don’t know why?

Could it be your breath?

Did you know your breath might be an indicator of a greater problem?

Do you want the confidence of speaking to others without them recoiling?

Would you like an easy 7 second test to know for certain what your breath is like anytime, anywhere?


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“7 Steps to Brush For Life”


I’m Lynelle DeRoo. Having my father as a dentist, I grew up in a dental office, earning my state license for x-rays at 14 and for dental assisting at the age of 16. Being in this environment didn’t guarantee me learning about teeth, breath and oral care by osmosis, I had to have someone relate it to me in an understandable way just like you. I remember asking my mom “How do you floss?” as I was on my way to the bathroom sink. She casually tossed this advise over her shoulder as she passed me in the hall, “Make a ‘C’ shape.” Huh?

I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 30 years. Even though I grew up in a dental home, before I went to Univerisity, I wondered some of the same things you have, such as, “What makes teeth fall out? How do I floss/am I doing it right/does it matter? Is mouthwash supposed to be used?”

My passion is teaching. Do you go to the dentist and not really understand what it is they are explaining to you because they use “Dental-ese”? It’s called unconscious competence. Over the years I have learned to “bring it down” to the real-world and use easy-to-“get” short explanations for the most common issues people have. My clientele LOVE it. The most frequent reaction I have is, “How come I’ve been going to the dentist my whole life, and no one’s ever told me this before?” Then they bring their family, refer their friends and send co-workers to see me. Many patients have asked me to make a video or write a book.

Due to popular demand, I have done just that. I want to share with you the free guide I created to get you started quickly and easily toward longer-lasting fresher breath. It will help you to have the confidence you want and need before a conversation with that important client, upper management—or sweetheart.


You Will Discover:
  • Where foul odors can come from and what to do about them
  • What you can do before you brush to start deodorizing your breath What kind of brush to use
  • What kind of mouthwash not to use
  • What you can do for dental fear
  • What to do if you can’t afford a cleaning
  • How to find exactly where and if you may have gum disease
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